Product Manager
We need a Product Manager, and we hope it is you!
  • What
    Anker will change the building industry by ensuring the integrity of data, as it flows from design to construction and operations, and we need your help to drive its development together with both developers and users.
  • Why
    The biggest problem in the construction industry today is the absence of quality construction data. It stops all innovation, because how can someone trust the outcome of a new tool if its input is wrong? If you become the Product Manager at Anker, your efforts will result in real digital transformation in the construction industry, so that we can all build more with less. Less energy. Less waste. Less time. More trust.
  • Who
    We don’t get very hung up on formal education and experience. For us, mindset is always most important. We hope you are creative and persistent, and that you like to understand how people use what you create. We also hope you get a kick out of seeing the engineering team solve a problem you have identified.

    If the words below resonate with how you perceive yourself, we may be a good fit:

    • Open
    • Impatient
    • Dedicated
    • Curious
    • Passionate

    That said, we might become a little impressed if you've worked in product management, and we would love it if you have an architectural background!
  • How
    Our clients purchase Anker because they want to use construction data instead of paper drawings. You will help to make that happen by connecting their needs with our software team's creative ability. You will experience high levels of autonomy, but just to give you an idea of how your work day might look, these are some activities we hope you'll enjoy doing:

    • Listening to our customers, asking the right questions, and learning what they really need.
    • Noticing the spark in the eyes of the user who realised that Anker will make their lives significantly better, and figuring out how to make that happen more often for more people.
    • Convincing people who don’t use Anker why they should.
    • Evaluating new product ideas with the software team. How do we figure out if something is valuable without spending a year building it first?
    • Driving the implementation of the product with a focus on time to value. How do we ship useful features as quickly as we can to our customers?
  • Startup
    Anker's roots are built on the founder's many years of expertise and the synergy it has with its sister company Reope. Nonetheless, Anker is a startup, which means that everything is magnified in comparison to a large corporation - the freedom and autonomy, as well as some risks. We are currently in numerous investor talks and are working relentlessly to ensure Anker grows and flourishes.

    Right now, the product is being used by a few of our paying customers whom we totally love (the feeling is mutual), and a lot of teams that are testing all that Anker can do. A big reason why we work at Anker and invest in it are the facial expressions of the many people who have seen what Anker can do for them—the expression of pure joy.
  • Team
    We currently have three full- timers on the team: Saleem, Harsh and Håvard. The extended Anker team in total is around 8 beautiful souls, including our friends from Reope. You'll experience that most of our team is internal but we currently outsource some UI work.

    You will report to the CEO, Håvard.

    Our office is in Oslo, Norway, and it gets cold during winter.

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Get out
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