What does it do?

Anker makes your life easier.

It will:
  • Define information requirements in one place.
  • Validate properties against requirements.
  • Improve your data using rules, automation and APIs.
With Anker, you make the rules! Define what constitutes a correct property delivery, and Anker will check your BIM models against these requirements. It will give you a visual, easy-to-filter report on what is right, and what is wrong. And with Anker, you will always be right.

Validate your information

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Our product

Anker is a property database connected with your BIM.
With the help of Anker's powerful population rules and filtered tables, you can take charge of your BIM data once and for all. You can bulk-write information via rulesets, or visually edit data with excel-like tables. Then, send this information out via an API connection, or export a fresh IFC file.

Take control of your BIM data

Any questions?

Absolutely. The Anker trial is free, forever, with a constraint of 1 file per trial account.
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