Radium Hospital

The Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency - Sykehusbygg
Anker secured construction data quality for the Radium Hospital, ensuring that digital construction runs smoothly.
On new additions to the Radium Hospital in Oslo, Norway, the Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency - Sykehusbygg - implemented Anker for automated construction data quality control, as the very first to do that in the world.

Today, whenever design teams uploaded new construction data to the project's Common Data Environment, Anker would upload the models and execute all validation processes automatically, giving the teams instant and effortless access to real-time quality control.

The value of this innovation is that the people who work on and interact with the project start trusting the data, which in turn creates an environment where digital construction can happen.
"At Nytt klinikk- og protonbygg Radium Hospital in Oslo, Anker has revolutionised the way we as Building Owners work with validating information requirements and communicating the results of these to Design Teams and Contractors. Since Anker has advanced validation functionality, like IDS with Regex & mvdxml, we can find the important information that is wrong, and since everything in Anker can be automated, we do this with minimal use of resources. The threshold for implementation and distribution of the platform and the results are low, since everything is web-based. The extra time we get as a result of better quality with higher efficiency, we use to talk with the Design Team and the Contractors about what can be improved, with quality data available in the discussions.

The value of all the people involved at Radium Hospital now working on quality data is great, for both construction and operation, and Anker has a large part of the credit for this."

-Kenth Hårsaker, Director of Digitisation at Sykehusbygg

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